The Lone Warrior

From the midst’s of the dark labyrinth arises the lone warrior battling his way through life drastically , opposing many obstacles & hardships along the strenuous path with no will of withdrawal , the journey continues..

No companion in sight to share the pain with he fights battles courageously & without any dismay , wearing his heart on his sleeve he marks his territories leaving behind trails of broken memories & un kept promises as a man with nothing to fear is a man with nothing to love, he rages on with the only instinct which is to survive & die another day..

Along the way , realizing that in this world its not easy to take the high road , to go against the flow , questioning if its all worth it or not? growing tired of the protracted journey the fire inside him gets dimmer with each passing moment , barely able to go on with his wounded flesh he stumbles to keep his balance , is this it? is this the time where all the misery ends?

as he lay’s under the coral sky , counting his final moments he takes a flash back to all the recollection he has , to the good old days when life used to be simple , when there was no fear of something atrocious happening , away from all the mental & emotional strain , he smiles one last time knowing he lived a graceful life , wore his scars with pride & fought to the last breath but lost his final battle with life which no king nor slave was ever able to vanquish ,with a deep breathe of relief lets go of his mortal soma & prepares for the eternal journey ahead..

Another Grieving Night

As i lay here in bed with my heavy sleepless eyes i wonder how to bear this subsequent pain which bashes my heart restlessly , i put my hand on my chest anxiously trying to feel my heartbeat which is going numb , lost in the thoughts of regrets , what & how life should have turned out & where i went wrong , ow it must be nice to have things go right , to have a road lead to home rather then being a wanderer who doesn’t seem to find their place in life , having people around yet feel so alone , is this how insanity feels like? Will this ever end or will i be lost in my insomniac thoughts forever..

cigarette after cigarette turning to ash thinking it might ease my mind up a bit but it leaves me thinking anxiously about life & its true meaning , confused about everything going around me & seeing the world just revolving so fast makes me question where i fit in? or will i always feel like an outcast trying to adjust to this grim cosmos..

the constant struggle of good & bad leaves me paranoid , a war i fight within myself day & night hoping to come to some conclusion , to ponder with the mind or pursue the heart is a decision wisest of men cant conclude..

another forlorn dusk turns to dawn leaving with broken memories & remorse , will i ever find peace or will this battle forever rage on , time will tell..